Ren for Charities is now offering ACH enrollment! Charities that enroll will receive funds faster and with less administrative overhead. Grants will start going out via ACH in 2022.

Only users within your organization that have login credentials for your charity bank account should proceed with this step.

On the Charity Dashboard select ‘Unlock’ or click on ‘Charity Settings’ and then ‘Link Bank Account’

You will be taken through the Plaid API to facilitate the connection. Plaid is a secure 3rd party financial technology company that we use to enable charitable organization administrators to safely link their bank accounts. Plaid is trusted by leading financial institutions all over the world to safely facilitate the authentication of bank details.

The Plaid tool will walk you through their entire registration process, which is quick and easy. If your bank is not affiliated with Plaid, you will receive a notification to let you know how you can encourage your bank to sign up. If your bank is affiliated with Plaid, you should see a successful processing message when complete.

Once you link your bank account, our team will review it, and once confirmed, you will start receiving ACH grants for all grants sent by all DAF programs that leverage Ren's grant distribution solution.

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