We’re excited to introduce you to Ren for Charities, the latest addition to our Ren Philanthropic Software as a Services (SaaS) tools.

To begin, charities can go to https://charities.pinkaloo.com, search for the charity, select the correct organization, and click the 'Claim' button.

Our goal is to provide your nonprofit with a centralized place to enroll in ACH for grants and access donor data from our affiliated donor-advised funds while offering additional value-add features:

  • Embeddable donate widget

  • Paid Public Causes

  • CRM Sync (Future)

By claiming your charity profile together with providing ACH information, you’ll be able to immediately access the following benefits in Ren for Charities:

  • Receive grant money via ACH, which expedites your ability to apply the funds and generate meaningful, mission-oriented results for your donors

  • Capture donor information from a variety of sources in one platform that enables you to consolidate into your donor management system and employ your personalized donor cultivation activities

  • Highly secure process for verification that keeps your information safe

  • Future enhancements designed to amplify your donor tracking and engagement endeavors

Already registered as a charity? Click this link to skip to the instructions on how to sign up for ACH

Our Ren for Charities portal offers two simple ways for your charitable organization to register.

  1. Claiming: Claim your organization via the public site <charities.pinkaloo.com> with one of two options:

    1. Address Verification: a postcard will be mailed to your Charity which provides instructions to claim your charity profile

    2. Telephone Verification: a phone call containing an authorization will be placed to the phone number reported on your organization's 990 forms

  2. Via Grant Letter: When a user grants to your organization through one of our supported programs, the Grant Transmittal Letter that accompanies your check will include instructions for how to claim your charity profile.

Whether you're looking for a new way to collect donor lead information or simply want to accelerate the time from donation to impactful results, Ren for Charities is here to help. Read on to learn how to get started.

Who We Are:

Ren brings together more than three decades of philanthropic expertise and seasoned fintech innovators to create a next-generation platform designed to fuel philanthropic giving at scale. To further our role in growing the social economy, in 2021 Ren acquired Pinkaloo. Together with our customers, our focus is to usher in a new wave of growth and impact – through technology and services that enable more confident and efficient giving. Our goal is to supply technology and services that enable our customers and their clients to reach new heights.

Register by Claiming

'Claim' your charity page, similar to how a business Claims its Google Places listing.

Note, the following items and information need to be gathered to register:

  1. The ability to sign in to the organization's online banking account

  2. Knows the official address or the phone number associated with the organization's 990 filings

  3. Can receive mail at that official IRS address or a phone call at the number from 990 filings

If a charity is registered, the account will appear as ‘Claimed’

See example:

If an address or zip code needs to be updated, the staff member will need to do that first with the IRS and then our system will update with the new information.

Click this link to learn how to change your address with the IRS.

Step by Step Instructions:

To begin, charities can go to https://charities.pinkaloo.com, search for the charity, select the correct organization, and click the 'Claim' button.

Select ‘Claim’. You will be given two options to claim: Address or Telephone.

Telephone Verification:

The prompt will ask you to confirm the phone number that is listed in your organization's 990 filings with the IRS. It will show you the last 4 digits to assist if your organization has multiple affiliated phone numbers.

The call will state it has a verification code for Pinkaloo Charities and request you press a number to confirm hearing the confirmation code. It will then list off the verification code for you slowly.

Enter the information into the code box and select 'Submit' when done.

Choose to onboard now to complete the account registration process.

Address Verification:

You will be asked to confirm who we are sending the letter to and the address on file. The address details must match the information of your organization filed with the IRS.

If the ‘Claim’ has a checkmark and says ‘Claimed’, this means that someone else has already registered this charity.

Once you claim your Charity Page, a pop-up will occur explaining a postcard will be sent helping us securely verify your organization.

Here is an example of what the postcard will look like:

Register via Grant Letter

For charitable organizations that have received a grant from one of our programs, a grant transmittal letter will accompany the check. The letter will contain a registration code which will allow you to securely sign in to the Charity Portal and view grant details such as the donor for each grant as well as its purpose.

The grant transmittal letter will have both a QR code (scan with your camera phone and the URL will pop up to click on), or near the bottom of the letter there is a unique registration URL link you will need to type into any browser.

Account Registration Step by Step

The registration process is simple. On the first page, you will be prompted to fill out your contact information along with a password.

Two-Factor Authentication - Enter a phone number you can receive SMS/Text messages. Each time you log into your account our system will ask you to confirm.

Set Up ACH

Ren for Charities is now offering ACH enrollment! Charities that enroll will receive funds faster and with less administrative overhead. Grants will start going out via ACH in 2022.

Only users within your organization that have login credentials for your charity bank account should proceed with this step.

On the Charity Dashboard select ‘Unlock’ or click on ‘Charity Settings’ and then ‘Link Bank Account’

You will be taken through the Plaid API to facilitate the connection. Plaid is a secure 3rd party financial technology company that we use to enable charitable organization administrators to safely link their bank accounts. Plaid is trusted by leading financial institutions all over the world to safely facilitate the authentication of bank details.

The API will walk you through their entire registration process, which is quick and easy. If your bank is not affiliated with Plaid, you will receive a notification to let you know how you can encourage your bank to sign up. If your bank is affiliated with Plaid, you should see a successful processing message when complete.

View Donors and Grants

When you are logged in as a charity, you should see ‘Charity Dashboard’ on the left-side toolbar.

The two most popular reports are ‘Grants’ and ‘Donors.’ These two reports help charities obtain Donor and Grant information for the Grants received from our affiliated donor-advised fund programs.


The Grants report shows the information the donor opted to share with your organization.This report allows you to match the payment (Check/ACH) received with the specific grant as well as to access the Purpose info so you can comply with the appropriate use of the funds. This data can be exported to add into a general ledger and/or donor management software.


The Donors view within the portal quickly shares the donor name, location, and email. When you export the report, it will also include their full address.

This vital information will help you get to know your donors, along with providing the information needed to have a successful donor acknowledgment campaign. This data can easily be exported and then imported into your donor management software.

Click this link to learn more about the Administrative reports available to help you better get to know your donors.

Charity Dashboard

The Dashboard allows you to watch your charitable giving grow! Over time this dashboard will update with the total number of Donors, Dollars Granted, and the total number of Grants.

Ren for Charities is the first charity portal that enables charities to enroll in ACH grants from 25+ donor-advised fund programs at once, in addition to a bunch of other features. If you have suggestions or feedback, please reach out to us at charities@reninc.com!

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