The Giving Feed shows donations made by other users. Donors can choose whether or not to share their donations to the Giving Feed. This is the perfect way to get to know other users and the causes they care about, as well as a great way for you to discover great organizations that align with your passions. Show support by donating to organizations they are giving to!

Note that the Giving Feed doesn’t show how much users donate, just which organizations they donate to.

At the top of the page, you have the option to toggle between ‘Community’ or ‘Global’

Community shows donors who are in the same Giving Program as you, whether that be through the same bank, credit union, employer, or foundation.

The Global feed shows all donations from all users using our platform:

Sharing Donations to the Giving Feed

Each time you donate, you can choose to share your donation to the Giving Feed. This is done by check-marking the box ‘Include donation in the public giving feed.’

By default, if you want your donation to appear on the Giving Feed, go to your personal settings, within the ‘Sharing’ section, toggle the option to ‘Automatically post donations to Giving Feed’ to be turned on.

Click this link to learn more about what information is shared with charities when donating.

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