What are the account processing fees?

When depositing funds into your account, there may be a fee included in the Total Charge, depending on the settings of your program. In addition to seeing the fee based on your Deposit amount, you choose whether the fee is added to your Total Deposit amount or if the Fee is subtracted from your Total, by checking the ‘Subtract fee from the deposit amount’ checkbox.

In the example in the screenshot, the Fee is NOT being subtracted from the total, and instead of being added. This user will have $50 added to their balance and will see a total charge on their Card of $51.96. If they check the box, then their TOTAL charge will be $50, and the fees will be deducted so that they receive $48.10.

This fee is used to pay banks, credit card companies, and administrative costs.

The image below shows where you can see the Fee on the Confirm Deposit page.

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