The Flex Giving Account helps connect you to over 1.3 million organizations along with public schools and school districts listed on the NCES directory. You can choose to search by keyword, location or category.

The ‘Discover Charities’ tab is visible on the left-side toolbar.

The Discover Charities dashboard gives a quick overview of:

  • Promoted Causes: charities that your program has chosen to highlight to their Donors.

  • Trending Charities: organizations our Donors across the country have given to recently.

  • Charities closest to you based on your location setting.

You can search by keyword, Zip code (includes the ability to choose the mile radius), City (only includes charities headquartered in that city), and NTEE code.

Note with the NTEE code, some common categories are available in the drop down, but you can type to see others. For example, military & Veterans are searchable, and they are not in the default list but can be seen when searching.

Example Keyword: Search Penguin

The charity page makes it easy for you to find what you are looking for. Everything important is on one page. Once you click on a Charity, you can tell whether they are eligible, what their goals are, and where their money is spent. Each profile includes links to their website, social media channels, and where they are located.

Charities that are not in good standing with the IRS or that are not available to give to based on your program's rules and settings will appear as not eligible. The ‘Donate’ button will be greyed out or have a notification preventing you to donate.

Here is an example:

If you are still having trouble finding your charity of choice, it may not be in our database. If you would like to request a charity, be added to the platform, please send an email to with the charity's name, EIN number, address, and website.

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