Each time you make a donation you can choose whether you want the charity to know who it was from or you can donate Anonymously.

If you would like, there is a default setting you can set up to prompt our system to donate Anonymously or share your contact information with the charity each time. This is done in the User Settings, scroll down to learn how.

When donating, the page will prompt you to checkmark a box “Share name and email with charity.” If this box is not selected, the charity will receive the donation but will not know who it was from. If it is checked, they can access your name and email address as long as they registered with our database.

Here is an example:

Default Sharing: Share contact information with the charity

If you want your donations to always share your name and email with the charity you can set this as a default setting. Click on your profile image on the top right corner, click on ‘User Settings’ and scroll down to the ‘Sharing’ section.

Here you can toggle whether you want the charity to have your information each time you make a donation:

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