We’ve all been there, you want to donate regularly to the organizations you care about, but somehow life gets in the way and you realize you haven’t donated in months. That’s where recurring donations come in. When scheduling a Recurring Deposit and Recurring Donation you’ll know you’re helping that nonprofit keep doing their good work, without having to worry about setting reminders or re-entering your details each time.

You may be asking yourself what’s the difference between a Recurring Deposit and a Recurring Donation. Your account allows you to make contributions into your account and obviously distributions from your account to your favorite charities. Click here if you need a refresher on how your account functions. You can set up recurring contributions into your account, called a Recurring Deposit, and/or recurring distributions out of your account to your favorite charities, called Recurring Donations.

Best practice is to set up a Recurring Deposit first, this way you know you will have enough funds in your account to support the Recurring Donation.

Donors use Recurring Deposits to help with budgeting, setting aside money each month so that they can later choose which charities to support with those funds.

Donors that know which charities they want to support each month use Recurring Donations to make that happen. You’re in control and can set up your account to meet your needs.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to set up a Recurring Deposit, Recurring Donation, along with how to cancel both.

Setting Up Recurring Deposit

Log into your personal fund and on the left-side toolbar select ‘Deposit Funds’

Select ‘Recurring’ and the amount you would like to deposit each month (this can be updated at any point in time)

Then, select the date you would like the funds to be transacted on

Confirm the payment method is correct, if not, select ‘More Payment Options’ and add a new card or link to your bank account. Then press ‘Continue’

Click this link to learn how to remove or add a payment method.

On the next page, confirm you set up a recurring deposit by looking at the ‘Frequency, Monthly’ and selecting ‘Save’

Once this is done, you should see a confirmation pop-up:

Now when you look at your personal giving dashboard, you should see a ‘Recurring Deposit’ box with the amount.

Schedule A Recurring Donation

Log into your personal giving fund, on the dashboard you can either search for the Charity at the top, or click on the ‘Discover Charities’ tab

When searching for a charity, you will have the choice to include their location and category. A list of organizations will appear ready for you to scroll through. Select the organization you would like to set up a Recurring Donation for.

Once you confirmed this is the organization you would like to donate too, select ‘Donate’

Select ‘Monthly’ and confirm the amount you would like to donate each month

If you want to add a purpose or direct your funds to a certain program this can be done by selecting ‘Purpose’ and then ‘Edit Purpose’

Add your purpose and then select ‘Done’

Confirm you set up a Recurring Donation by looking at the ‘Frequency’ it should say ‘Monthly’ along with the purpose.

Here you can choose whether or not you want your donation to appear on the Giving Feed or if you want the organization to know who the gift came from.

Lastly, select ‘Make Donation’

A confirmation pop up will confirm your donation

Cancel Recurring Deposits

If you have a recurring deposit scheduled you will see it left-side toolbar, in the ‘Fund Dashboard’ view. To cancel, click on the highlighted button. See the example below:

Then select ‘Cancel Deposit’

Once this is done you will no longer see the ‘Recurring Deposit’ box on the left-side toolbar

Cancel Recurring Donations

Head to your personal settings by clicking on your profile image at the top right corner, then ‘User Settings’

Scroll down to the section ‘Recurring Donations’ and click on the trashcan to cancel. See image below:

A pop up will ask you to confirm, select ‘Ok’

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