We’ve all been there, you changed bank accounts, your Card expired, or you lost your Card and need to update your info. We’ve got you. This guide covers all the scenarios, including:

1. Removing your card

2. Changing your card number, expiration date; or

3. Linking a new bank account via ACH

Remove Payment Option:

Click on your profile image, the top-right corner and select ‘User Settings’

Then scroll down to the Payment Methods section, click on the three dots and select ‘Remove card’

A pop-up will occur asking you to confirm if you would like to remove the credit card on file, select ‘Ok’

Add New Payment Option

Our platform gives you the choice to either add a credit card or link your bank account.

Credit Card:

Within your ‘User Settings’ scroll down to the ‘Payment Methods’ and select ‘Add Payment Method’

You will see the option to either add a credit card or log into your bank account. In this example, we will be adding a credit card. First, enter your credit card number, expiration date, and CVC. Then select ‘Add Card.’ A new card will appear in the ‘Payment Methods’ settings.

If you have multiple cards on file, you will want to clarify which card you want to be your default card. This is done by clicking on the three dots next to the card and then select ‘Make Default’

Bank Account:

Go to your personal setting by clicking on your profile picture in the top-right corner. Then select ‘User Settings.’ Scroll down to the ‘Payment Methods’ section and select ‘Add Payment Method’

Click on ‘BANK.’ You will see a new pop-up launch titled “Plaid.” Plaid partners with your bank to let you securely log in to your account, link your bank account to your Fund, and initiate transfers, so your information remains secure. Neither Plaid, our software, nor the charity you donate to has your bank account number.

Select ‘Continue’

Choose the Bank you would like to connect to. This experience will require you to log into your bank account with your username, password, and any multi-factor authentication that your bank uses.

Once you log in with your bank account credentials, we may be asked to verify your identity via email, phone, or text message based on your bank’s settings.

Enter the two-factor authentication code, then select ‘Submit’

Confirm this is the correct account you would like to link, then select ‘Continue’

Select ‘Continue’ one last time

In your ‘Personal Settings,’ you should now see your bank account linked. At any point, you can delete this payment method by clicking on the three dots and selecting ‘Remove bank.’

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