We’re sorry to see you go! Before you close your account, there are a couple of additional steps that need to be resolved.

  1. Cancel Recurring Deposits

  2. Cancel Recurring Donations

  3. Download Tax Documents

  4. Request that your account be closed.

Below is the step by step instructions for each:

Cancel Recurring Deposits

If you have a recurring deposit scheduled you will see it on the left-side toolbar, in the ‘Fund Dashboard’ view. To cancel, click on the highlighted button. See the example below:

Then select 'Cancel Deposit'

Once this is done you will no longer see the ‘Recurring Deposit’ box on the left-side toolbar.

Cancel Recurring Donations

Head to your personal settings by clicking on your profile image at the top right corner, then ‘User Settings’

Scroll down to the section ‘Recurring Donations’ and click on the trashcan to cancel.

See the image below:

A pop up will ask you to confirm, select ‘Ok’

Download Tax Documents

We suggest you download your tax receipts for best record-keeping practices. Click on your profile image, top right corner, and then select ‘Tax Documents:’

Click on the arrow to download your taxes:

Lastly, email support@pinkaloo.com that you would like to cancel your account.

In the body of the email please confirm the email address associated with the account you are closing, a quick snippet on why you are leaving, and in the subject line include “Request to Close My Giving Account”

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