Depending on a few different factors, the charity will receive your donation within a couple of days or weeks. Each payment method has a different processing time.

There are several factors that impact how long it takes the charity to receive your donation, including:

  1. Did you donate money that was already in your fund, or did you donate funds that you just contributed to your fund? The latter case may take a bit longer as the Foundation administering your giving fund needs to receive the contribution.

  2. What are the policies of the Foundation administering your giving fund? Some process distributions daily, others less regularly. Reach out to your program to understand what their policy is.

  3. Has the charity enrolled in our ACH distributions? If so, they’ll receive their money much more quickly. If not, they receive a check in the mail.

Overall, the average processing time is 10-14 days but can be as quick as 2-3 days.

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