The best practice for sending gifts is to have a generic account program that is not tied to an individual, but the organization. Primarily, your organization wants your Users to know that Gifts they receive are sent from an organization's account rather than in an individual's personal giving account. Additionally, this will separate any personal giving that your Administrator does from the Organization’s corporate activity.

Organizations that have the Single Sign-On (SSO) service enabled will need to create a company email address in your company's SSO service. Once this is done, log into the Account in our system once so that we sync the information, and then let us know and then email your support contact and we will add your Admin credentials.

If your organization doesn’t use SSO and your users log in directly, go to your organization Register page, typically located at Then let us know and we will add your Admin permissions.

Once the Administrative permission levels are set, you will have the ability to send gifts.

Click this link to learn how to send a gift or an incentive.

Click this link to learn how to send bulk gifts

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