As a note, Promoted Causes are only visible by your donors, when they are logged in to their Fund. These are unique and different from Public Causes, which are configurable, while-label crowd-fundraising campaigns. If you’re eager to learn more about Public Causes, reach out to your point of contact or email us at

Promoted Causes give organizations the ability to highlight qualified nonprofits to appear front and center on their users ‘Discover Charities’ page. This makes it even easier for donors to participate in campaigns the organization is promoting.

At any point, organizations can schedule which causes they want to promote. Promoted Causes are also great in response to news stories that are top of mind, tragic events, or for donors that want to give but may not know where to direct their money.

How to create a ‘Promoted Cause’

To begin, make sure you are logged into the Administrator Dashboard view. On the left side toolbar, you should see ‘Causes,’ then click ‘Create.’

If you do not see the ‘Causes’ tab, click on your Profile image and ‘Switch Accounts’ to the correct ‘Customer Dashboard’ view.

Then, fill out the following fields:

Next, upload an image to display on your cause page. The default view users see is on the Discover Charities page, the image on the left (see preview down below) is more important and suggests 1.75: aspect ratio.

Lastly, select ‘Create Cause.’ Please note, once the cause is published there is no way to change the Charity that this Cause is supporting, so make sure that is correct:

Once the Cause is successfully created, click on the ‘Causes’ tab to see a view of all the Causes created. There you will see two tabs to toggle between, ‘Drafts’ and ‘Published’ – your Cause should appear in the ‘Published’ section, if not, check the ‘Drafts’ tab and then select ‘Publish.’


User Discover Charites View:

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