This guide shows how users can self-service funds via Card and ACH. If your program allows for check or stock contributions, please reach out to your program support for specifics.

Note that any user with Administrator privileges will automatically log into an Administrator view, not the Giving Fund view. In order to deposit money in your fund, you need to be in the Giving Fund View. If you need to switch accounts, click on your profile picture (top right corner) and select ‘Switch Accounts.’ Click the link that says “Your Names Fund” and Fund Dashboard right below the account name.

Once you are in the Giving Fund, on the left side select ‘Deposit Funds’

Then choose if you want to either deposit money into your giving account once or schedule a recurring payment.

Enter or select the amount you want to contribute. Then add a Payment Method either card or ACH transfer.

Card – simply fill out the requested fields and click on ‘Add Card’

To set up ACH, select ‘Bank’ and Plaid will help connect you to your bank by logging in to your Bank Account and choosing the right account to pull your ACH contributions from. Plaid is a 3rd party, a secure vendor that we use to enable donors to safely link their bank accounts to their Giving Fund. Plaid is trusted by Venmo and dozens of other financial apps to safely facilitate transactions.

Note that if you have multi-factor authentication (2FA or MFA) set up on your bank account, you’ll need to enter that here too.

Click ‘Continue’ and choose the bank you would like to connect to.

Our secure system will remember the payment information for next time. At any point, you can choose to update or remove a payment method.

If your program charges a Fee on deposits, you can choose whether that fee is added on top of your deposit amount, or if that total deposit amount includes the fee.

Once the deposit is complete you can download the already available tax receipt or let our system log this for you to access another time. Click this link to learn more about accessing your Tax Documents.

On your ‘Fund Dashboard’ you should see the updated fund amount:

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